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Building on the increasing popularity of the game, Tag 7s will be the name of the game this year. 

Tag 7s opens up the opportunity for both premier players and women to participate in the Corporate 7s within a mixed pool category.

Match Format

  • Each team can enter a maximum of 12 players, with only 7 on pitch at any one time.

    • Teams must have a minimum of 3 girls on the pitch at any one time.

    • All players must be employees of the company entering the team.

    • All players MUST sign a player waiver form in order to participate.

    • Should a team player become injured during the course of the tournament that team must replace him or her by using one of the players in the original squad of 12.

  • Games will be 10 minutes long

  • Finals will be 16 minutes long – 8 minute halves with a one minute change over in between.

During Play


  • A tag is made when an opposing player can remove a tag from the attacking team ball carrier.

  • After a tag is made – the tagged player must roll the ball backwards using their foot for a team mate to pick up.

  • Defence must be back FIVE metres.

  • Defensive line can move forward only when dummy half touches the ball. Dummy half can run and be tagged with the ball.


  • If a player runs into touch, the ball will be turned over to the opposing team.

  • If the ball is dropped – the ball remains in the teams possession if it stays behind the line of play, however if the ball is knocked on when dropped, then the ball will be turned over to the opposition.

  • There will be a 6 tackle count during play, after the 6th tackle the ball will be turned over to the other team.

Kicking and kick-offs

  • At the start of a game a coin is tossed to decide who will do the first kick-off. After a try has been scored, kick-offs are taken by the team which scored, not the conceding team.

    • In the Mixed pool kick-offs are only taken by female players.

  • A kick-off is taken as a place kick from the centre of the halfway line. If the ball lands in the field of play and then rolls across the try line whether it is touched or not, the defending team must do a line drop out. A line drop out is a drop kick taken from the centre of the defending team’s try line.

  • Kicking is allowed in tag rugby on any tag. Kicks in general play cannot be above the shoulder height of the referee. Attacking players are allowed to regather a kicked ball in order to maintain possession for their team. For safety reasons, however, only the defending team can dive on a kicked ball; the attacking team cannot dive on a kicked ball in any situation.


  • If a foul is committed, a player may be requested to enter the sin bin for 2 minutes. This will be up to the referee’s discretion depending on the severity of the foul.


  • 1 point will be awarded per try

    • A ladies try will be equal to 2 points. The final pass must be made before the try line for the 2 points to count. 

    • A try from a ‘senior’ player over 50 years old will be equal to 2 points – the final pass must be made before the try line for the 2 points to count. All players over 50 will need to be registered at the start of the tournament.

  • No diving is permitted when scoring a try.​

Tag 7s 
Tournament Rules
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