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In 1984, a young David Davies had an idea which became a reality and the Professions Sevens was founded as a means to introduce social rugby to the suits of Hong Kong in support of local charities. Since then this annual event has undergone many changes as a result of a changing Hong Kong. Home as such was originally Stanley Fort, the grass pitch and vast ‘picnic’ area made for a wonderful day out in the fresh air for both the ‘suits’ and their families.

In 1997 the grounds changed hands and the emphasis on rugby waned (although our enthusiasm did not!), the pitch became a marching ground and visitors whilst welcome for the tournament hankered for the good old days!

Despite raising hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, it was clear that the Hong Kong landscape was changing and the tournament faced many challenges.

Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, the tournament lived up to everyone’s expectations.  However there was no denying that change was afoot!


We marked our 30th Anniversary by hitting the refresh button , renaming the tournament - Hong Kong Corporate Sevens, acquiring  a new home – So Kon Po & the IRC and tasking ourselves with raising a million dollars for our chosen charity. The rest as they say is history….

Over the past 6 years we have successfully raised over HK$4.5million dollars together with our sponsors and supporters enabling us to truly make a difference to those less fortunate than us. 

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