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HKRUCF - Tackling English


In 2018 we proudly raised HK$566,328.89 for HKRUCF Tackling English Programme. The Programme which is now in its third year was created by the HKRU and the British Council to develop a programme for local secondary schools to improve English language through sport.

The Education Bureau stresses the importance of building English language competence and confidence amongst local students, and there is a recognition that education is the most effective way for youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their potential, bridge the wealth gap, and escape the cycle of poverty.

Using native English coaches with local youngsters has proved to stimulate and encourage them to learn and use  English to communicate. 

The “Tackling English” course consists of 4 sessions at Form 1 and 2 across 15 local secondary schools. Each class consists of maximum 30 students and 2 coaches. Last year almost 1000 students participated.

Our goal this year is to increase the number of students.  

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